Top Attractions For Amazing Tourism in America

Top Attractions For Amazing Tourism in America

    Many countries have amazing tourist destinations that attract visitors from all over the world, but no one os like the USA. Tourism in America is extraordinary due to its variety of tourist destinations. You can spend months wandering from a state to another exploring the skyscrapers of New York and Chicago, the natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska, then you can't miss the warm beaches of Florida and Hawaii and much more.

    There are no limits for the tourist sites in the United States, but here is a list of the top 7 destinations for the best tourism in America.

    1- Navy Pier in Chicago

    Tourism in America should start in Chicago and especially in Navy Pier which extends over the waters of Lake Michigan. This place has something to offer for the whole family. Beautifully manicured gardens, Children’s Museum, souvenir shops, theaters, a variety of excellent restaurants, and many more.

    2. Mount Rushmore

    From Chicago, it is time to visit South Dakota and explore Mount Rushmore which is a national memorial built in the early 20th century featuring the faces of four former American presidents: Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

    3- White House in Washington D.C.

    Who didn't see it on TV, it is the official residence and office of the President of the United States… The White House in Washington DC.
    John Adams. was the first president who lived there. Unfortunately, it is now so hard to visit this place especially after the 9/11 attacks, but you can still join the tours made for groups of 10 or more.
    Your member of Congress or your country’s US Ambassador should request a visit before at least six months.

    4. Pike Place Market in Seattle

    A market can bet more than an ordinary shop, and that's what Pike Place Market is.
    It was opened in 1907 and became today the ultimate place to shop in Seattle because it is full of the oldest establishments in the region. You can find here shops selling fresh fish, cheesemongers, Starbucks coffee shop and many others.

    5. Venice Beach in Los Angeles

    Venice Beach is what makes Los Angeles is worth a visit. It is incredible starting from its canals، beaches and especially the Venice Beach Boardwalk.
    You will enjoy the best time there juggling, dancing, sculpting, singing and much more.

    6. Mesa Verde

    Tourism in America is not over before you visit the Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado. This place is the authentic home of the Ancestral Pueblo people which used to carve homes from caves and rock faces. Here, you will explore the Cliff Palace which is really magnificent.

    7. Kennedy Space Center

    Surely, Florida has a lot to offer. Take for example the Cape Canaveral on the coast of Florida. This place has the Kennedy Space Center is now a launch site for unmanned rockets. Visitors

    People who love to learn about space and even participate in the Shuttle Launch Experience, it is the best destination to experience the tension and excitement over the rush to the moon.

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