The concept of e-marketing

The concept of e-marketing

    The concept of e-marketing

    Although the importance of marketing in practical application as a major determinant of the success of many international companies in many advanced industrial countries, and although many managers have become aware of the importance of the role of marketing in achieving the objectives of the Organization, but the concept and the dimensions of this activity The implication is unclear to many individuals, business organizations and government organizations. There are many common mistakes that people make by marketing. For example, some say that selling is marketing, advertising is marketing or buying is marketing, etc. This does not mean that selling and promoting non-marketing activities, but what we mean is that marketing is a structured and comprehensive activity that includes many functions and integrated businesses that are not limited to sales and promotion, but include much more.

    As the business has a place on the Internet, it coincided with the emergence of marketing activity on the Internet to take the name of e-marketing, The world now lives in the Age of Knowledge. One of the most dangerous effects of the new era has been the emergence of competitiveness as a fundamental fact that determines the success or failure of business organizations to an unprecedented degree. The characteristics, features, mechanisms and standards of this era are radically different from all that preceded it, and therefore impose on all those who contemplate the need to introduce new and renewable concepts and mechanisms. Hence, organizations are in a position to work hard and continuously to gain competitive justification for the possibility of improving their relative position in the markets and even keeping it in the face of pressure from local and potential competitors.

    Organizations have become aware of the importance and management of excellence as a systematic activity in the development of products, markets, operations technology, and new methods that provide organizations with a competitive advantage that can be experienced by others to become excellence and innovation is the only activity that belongs to the future, and creates the fortune, companies increasingly turn into a new style can be described as companies based on excellence and innovation.

    And entrances of excellence and innovation in the world of business are multiple.

    It's vital to discuss the idea of the recruitment of information technology (IT) in the practice of marketing activity in organizations or so-called e-marketing as one of the tools of excellence of the organization in the business environment.

    There is no doubt that excellence and innovation are not limited to what is material, such as the new process and the new product. It extends to the new services and methods, including the business model. With the wide spread of business on the Internet and with the increasing number of Internet companies (Dot-coms) And is widely used in most countries as a result of Internet-based innovation. Examples are one-click-shopping, as an example of e-marketing.

    Amazon.com has been able to direct an effective business model that markets books in others 'stores with an online click that markets books in others' stores with a click on the Internet across the world, creating a new service and a new market instead of long shelves for books and advertisements, and luxury marketing brochures and pamphlets, they have created elegant and effective pages for quick use by new customers.

    In mid-1995, Amazon launched its website and after several months it sold 100 books a day. Less than a year later, the number of applications reached 100 books per hour. In 2000, receiving 100 purchase orders per minute became normal.

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