Online marketing services

Online marketing services

    There are many companies that offer online marketing service, which includes a group of specialists in the field of online marketing, and aspires to lead the world, and many have already achieved many achievements in short periods of time, and were able to produce many software solutions suitable for various business activities and provide services Web design and delivery of the best online marketing services for all works, which was considered in the development of a number of standards that ensure the maximum achievement and benefit and protect the work of customers.

    E-marketing has become one of the most important concerns of emerging and large companies, factories, restaurants, shops and small and large tourist resorts. Online marketing and e-commerce have been characterized by the opening of new markets and targeted customers. The online marketing has surpassed the product or service of the regional borders for presence in the local and international markets. The most important channels of online marketing is marketing on social networks SMM and marketing through advertising and archiving sites through search engines SEO.

    Due to the high demand on the web sites, which would include a large number of users and because there are many means on the sites of social media that will help to increase the percentage of marketing and increase sales, the online marketing service companies offers:

    1- Create pages in the name of the client company and its business on the most popular media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and others as desired by the customer.

    2. Create consistently compelling content on all pages.

    3 - Manage all pages on a daily basis even during vacation times

    4. High quality image, video and visual design

    5 - Targeting the right and right for the public interested in the field and business activity

    6. Wide-scale branding

    7. Respond to comments and messages and increase interaction on pages

    8- Analyze competitors on their pages and excel at them

    9. Continuous development and efficiency among competitors through all channels of communication

    10 - Work weekly and monthly statistics on the work page and send it to the client.

    What is known as the term SEO is one of many means of online marketing and is a very important part of the online marketing service that is intended to reach client's site to the top search results in search engines such as Google.

    In this aspect of SEO, companies providing online marketing service offer the following:

    1. Determine the compatibility of the site with the work of a comprehensive study and marketing service appropriate.

    2- To improve customer activity in an integrated manner through studying and understanding the nature of the services or products provided by the client, and to study competitors in the same field to develop a distinct marketing plan to reach the best results.

    3 - Detecting the problems and potential consequences when working on the website is raising in the search engines or the site needs to be changed to another location.

    4 - Tuning the site and added to webmaster sites webmaster google & bing

    5 - Adding the site to the search engines and most important Google, Bing and Yahoo

    6. Continuous dissemination of content on the site and display of products and services provided by the customer.

    7- Designing the images of the site with high quality.

    8. Add the site to Google Analytics to track daily visits to the client's site.

    9. Work and add a sitemap to your site so that search sites can identify your sitemap.

    10 - Work and add a file Robots to bring search spiders to the site.

    11- Publishing in the forums and the work of Pak Link for all links to the site.

    12 - Increase the number of visitors to your site by a large increase in sales.

    13 - Communicate with customers better.

    14 - Content management, site management, follow up Google updates to be processed periodically and follow up the number of visitors and what they care about the customer site through the pages that visitors come frequently.

    15 - Work ads paid on Google Edward and Facebook to get visits on the site.

    17. Send a monthly report regarding the site's page rank, statistics and reports.

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